Pu'u Piei - January 11, 2011

Pu'u Piei
Kapa'ele'ele Trail: the beginning part that leads to the main trail.
Dwayne at the grassy portion of Pu'u Piei trail
Lauhala leaves section.
Heading to the ridgeline toward Pu'u Piei was steep. We took little breaks in between.
At the ridgeline to the summit.
Magnificent Blue! Punalu'u on the left.
Kahana Bay
Almost there.
Punalu'u Valley
Looking back. Beautiful!
We weren't satisfied when we reached to the covered portion of the summit, so we went beyond to the endpoint, hoping for better views of Kahana Valley. Dwayne is meticulously going around the trees with a big drop on the right. Reminds me of the time I hiked to True Manamana, but not that worse this time.
Pu'u Manamana
True Manamana, Pu'u Ohulehule, and Kahana Valley
Heading back.
Dwayne and his signature pose. Classic!

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