Kawiwi-No Name-Tiki - January 2, 2011

Pu'u Kawiwi to No Name Peak
(photo: L. Yamasaki)

The new year is starting off to a good start.  In addition to my 32nd birthday, I got to hike with the best hiking crew ever: Kaleo Lancaster, Lei Yamasaki, Nate Rubio, Kale Tulang, Nathan Yuen, Duc Ong, August Smith, Ryan Chang, Brian Bautista and Mark Seto.  In less than a year of hiking on Oahu's trails, I met some amazing people, and it was an awesome day to meet up with them on a partly cloudy leeward side of Oahu.  This was by far the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!!  Thanks guys!! luv-luv  :)

Our initial accent on Kawiwi Ridge
(photo: L. Yamasaki)

Nathan and Kaleo ready to conquer Kawiwi.
(photo: L. Yamasaki)

Brian concentrating on his climb.
(photo: L. Yamasaki)

Ryan on a huge rock face.
(photo: L. Yamasaki)

More expose rock to climb before reaching Kawiwi summit.

After two and a half hours later, we made it to Kawiwi summit.

The aftermath, and it's only the beginning.
This happens when you don't wear pants and you blaze through thick tree branches.
(photo: L. Yamasaki)

Our next destination: No Name Peak

Lei inspects the route to No Name.

The gang being very careful.

Along the route to No Name, there were a lot of huge boulders that looked sketchy and scary.

No Name in close proximity.

Took this picture right after reaching to No Name and falling to the ground.

View from No Name; Mount Ka'ala and Pu'u Kalena.

Being goofy at No Name.

Short stroll to Tiki.

Tiki.  Cool!!

Scary boulder.  Careful Mark.

After hike gathering.

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