Hapapa Direct - February 27, 2011

Pu'u Hapapa (via Direct route)
On the Honouliuli Contour Trail
Lualualei Valley
Hapapa in clear view, but first we need to hike the ridge.
Kaleo climbing a vertical boulder section.
Wahiawa and Wheeler Air Force Base
Nate being cautious.
Schofield Barracks
Kaleo pointing to us the Afghan Camp that the military created.
Oahu's North Shore in the distance. Beautiful!
Looking back at the ridge heading directly to Hapapa, which most people hardly goes on.
Reached the main ridge to the summit and this is what we were treated. Fantastic!!
Breathtaking views of Pu'u Kalena and Mount Ka'ala.

Pay no attention to that fish in the middle. LOL ;p
View from Pu'u Hapapa. Lualualei Valley, Waianae Valley, and Kamaileunu in the distance. (photo: N. Rubio)

Heading back.
The drops are no fun if you're not careful.
Kaleo heading towards the two huge notches.

Two cool guys. (photo: N. Rubio)

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